My skincare has always been simple with no routine but since graduating from aesthetics school in June, I threw out everything and started from scratch.  I had no choice.  I studied the largest organ of my body and got my skincare on point for the first time in my life.   Maintaining light + bright skin is easy when you understand the science behind it.   The products I snapped on my instagram are my everyday go-to skincare tools for healthy glowing skin.

My Routine + Acid Virgins

Everyone has different skin and everyone reacts completely independently to ingredients; it’s all about finding what truly works, finding the right ingredients for YOU, and being consistent! :)

Babor Bi-Phase Cleanse •• Everyday, morning+night

Circadia Alpha Beta Peel (Professional Use ONLY) •• Once a week on my forehead & chin line.  Stupid hormones.

Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Enzyme •• Once every two weeks in the shower.

Circadia Vitamin C Serum •• Once a day, everyday before I put on my makeup.  Every women should be using this Vitamin C.  Life changing ;)  for real though!

Circadia Moisturizer (Day/Night) •• Everyday, morning+night

Circadia Sunscreen •• Everyday, ALL DAY.  I admit it, I sleep with SPF on.

There you have it!  My skincare routine. Never take your skin for granted!  Stay out of the sun & out of tanning booths.  90% of aging comes from the sun + 10% from natural aging.  Ya dig?

If you or someone you know may be interested in mini lesson on ‘how to properly cleanse your face’. I would love to help!  To set up an appointment, email me at

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