Described as “The World Finest Top Coat, Seche Vita fast drying top coat is perfect for the girl on the run.  I used to never want to paint my nails dark colors until I found this life saver in fear of messing them up.  You can now achieve a Perfect DIY manicure in under 10 minutes.  Who has the time to wait? :)

Welcome to my new make-up blog-site!

A very warm welcome to all of you!  Thank you so much for stopping by new blog-site :) I wanted to start a blog so I could share my tips & tricks with clients, facebook/twitter followers and anyone who stumbles upon this lovely blog.  I am SO excited to start sharing with all of you my favorite products, my experiences on and off set that inspire my passion for make-up and much much more!  I say much much more because there is a lot more to make-up than make-up products.   I love make-up because I get to make people {FEEL} and look amazing!  I also say much much more because I am a women with many interests such as food, design, adventure, travel, business, fashion, technology, photography, animals and life… probably just like you! I want this to be a place where my clients can go and learn about me {and} my passion for make-up.   So I hope you LOVE it :)  I know you will! 

I am going to jump right into this blog world so here we go! 

Many people ask me which make-up products are my favorite to work with on set.  My top two are NARS & Makeup Forever.  I became obsessed with MF when they came out with the universal translucent finishing power — HD Micro-finish Powder.  The benefits are incredible for oily skin and you need VERY LITTLE (Don’t get all cray cray with the power!). It is 100%  silica microspheres so it is ultra light and it won’t settle into wrinkles or look to matte and “powdery”.  It is great for all skin types except dry but you wouldn’t powder a dry face anyways.  I love to use it when I am getting pictures taken or going anywhere I know might be hot or humid.  It is a little expensive $15-30 depending on what size you but.  No worries though, I will do another post on where to find the same product for about $4-5 an ounce – this product sells for the equivalent of over $80 an ounce (which is ridiculous!).  Even though it is expensive, it is defiantly in my top 10 must haves for on set.

I think I am just like every other girl when it comes to how they discovered the NARS line.  Turkish Delight!  I’ll never forgot when I first saw Kim Kardashian on TV.   I wanted to know how to get luscious lips just like her. I just had to have it!  Not only did it look good on her but it looked just as fabulous on me too.  The pigments are richly formulated that don’t skip on the skin.  You don’t need much of their lip glosses to achieve the finish you desire. Which is important to me as a make-up artist when I am on set or doing touch-ups on a bride or model.  

too my 1st blog post done & many more to come! :):)

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Love of love!