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Hello Beauties! August certainly kept me working a lot with my clients and stores. I am taking the next few days to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, September in New York. . . mint tea and writing alllll day, cleaning brushes, restocking the kit, making some homemade lip whip & most importantly spending lots of  time with my loved ones — beaut & furry babies.

When I travel I certainly have my products that make me happy and have recently had an impact in my kit — so today I am giving the products below a standing ovation.  They are currently shining in my kits spotlight — making my jobs more beautiful!


No. o1   These Great Lash Colored Mascaras by Maybelline New York were August limited edition, but  you still may find a few left on the shelves so if you are reading this. . . happy hunting! They are ridiculously striking colors and they have been making a huge impact on my clients. *Tip: the colors are buildable and can be intensified with baby powder in between coats.  I have recently been using these colors very subtly. . .popping some color to my bottom lashes and just at the outer corners of the eyes for that extra pop. Limited Edition. Run out and get them now!

No. o2   The clear and brown sculpting brow gel by Ardell is one of my clients favorite products I use on them who prefer I not fill there eyebrows in with a pencil. I use a clear or colored brow gel when I want to achieve a polished but no so perfect effect after grooming. LOVE!

No. o3   One of my favorite beauty brands, Illamsqua created a series of mini palettes allowing you to create many different defining smokey eye looks.  I loooove this Empower Palette right now! #EMpower ;)

No. o4   Samantha Chapman is a makeup artist based in Norwich and she created these affordable pixel perfect, and oh so colorful and affordable makeup brush line.  Her Real Techniques line is made of suuuper soft fibers that help me create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light – from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting.

No. o5   A multi-use Baked Bronzer by Sephora perfectly coordinated duet in one compact for that glowy/highlighted contour effect or setting powder.

No. o6   I never leave my home without a travel size of the organic brushing rinse by Essential Oxygen.  This product along with the 3% hydrogen peroxide is the perfect product I recommend to every client looking to get whiter teeth, healthier gums, remove tarter and freshen breath (great for the client who has “morning mouth” . . . yuk! ; ). 

No. o7   Thank you, Smashbox for creating a sanitary packaging system for professional makeup artists. The signature grinder shaves off just the right amount so I can easily transfer the pigment to a separate metal palette without double dipping, keeping everything super sanitary!  I am not sure if the product development team was thinking of professional makeup artist when they created this unique packaging, but I just love it!

HELP DRIVE THIS BLOG: What are some of your current favorite products? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below! XO



BUDGET YOUR BEAUTY: When to splurge, When to save?

When it comes to blush you must SPLURGE the cheaper brands can be filled with talc, zapping pigment of it’s luster. Invest in a great shade, and it’ll last all year!



Somehow, out of nowhere, it became December in New York and with the New Year comes colder days and dryer air.  The indoor heating of my little apartment strips moisture from the air — and my skin, leaving it dry and red.  With winter comes snow, proven to reflect sunlight causing my skin to sunburn, become dry and damaged over time without the correct hydration and protection.  Over time the exposure to these harsh conditions adds up. So to prevent dry, cracked skin for a fresh makeup application in return — keep in mind, that well moisturized skin is best for that celebrity flawless finish. Here are 5 moisturizers that are currently working in my kit right for these harsh winter conditions ahead! :)


Created to aid the repair of post-operative scarring to soothe, repair and protect skin.  It is highly moisturizing but it’s light, non-greasy gel consistency is suited for all skin types. It provides a perfect primer for all my dry skin make-up applications and  you only need to use it sparingly.


Before BB creams (beauty balms) there was, and still is a balm in the Embroylisse Moisturizing Line that helps me when a client skin is “extremely dry”.  I use this as spot treatment, a little goes a long way on dry patching on the on the skin.  Looove this stuff!!


This face cream contains pure vitamin C that is great for my more mature clients. Excellent as a makeup base because of its lightweight, non-greasy consistency.

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A body moisturizer that helps build immunity and resistance toward infections, ulcers, viruses, stress, burns, fungi and other harmful agents and is primarily for the body and is an excellent every-day after-bath or shower moisturizer.


A excellent everyday moisturizer for those who like a light, velvety textured lotion that is hydrating, brightening and protective. My sister is an esthetician and swears by this stuff!

What are some of your favorite moisturizers -or- balms this season?