1. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD foundation | 2. Sephora Eye graphic 4 color palette in Violet on lids | 3. Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Strumpet | 4. Marc Jacobs Lip Glaze in Truth or dare to cover the lips in luster | 5. Love and Toast Lip Glaze in Bad Habit for touch ups | 6. Stila Waterproof liquid liner in Black hiding all flesh | 7. Kat Von D high voltage eye primer | 8. Nars highlighter in Albatross on the tops of her cheeks | 9. Urban Decay Naked Palette in Creep for a dark cloud like effect. |  Andddd of course, lashed her up from top to bottom! Had to.


Halloween 2014-3-25

emarzbeauty_dark8Halloween 2014-3-11

Photographer: Lindsay Rea Photography | Stylist : Tiane Novati | Model : Leah Francesca | Hair + Makeup : Erin Marzilli

Comment below with your favorite halloween look + story and let us re-create it!



My four superwomen girlfriends took some time to let you all know their favorite beauty products + what beauty means to them.  I admire these women!

“Hm, well, lets see. I truly do not use many beauty (make-up) products, but I do take a lot of pride in taking care of my skin, I wash with a plant based soap (everyone soap), then buff my face and body with a natural exfoliate, then follow it by applying Borage Therapy lotion and some Eco-Lips chapstick. Beauty for me is organic, meaning I try to eat clean and well, because beauty begins on the inside, as well as taking the mentioned steps in keeping my skin glowing and smooth (especially, during the winter months) So, for me, beauty products are FOOD and the others listed.   As for a make up products – I use a simple maybelline mascara and cover girl black eye liner. Simple, is good for me!” Leah Bliv • Student, Artist, Mother, Yogi


“Favorite Beauty Product:  Allafia’s Enriching Hair Lotion in Orange Geranium with Fair Trade Shea and Virgin Coconut. WHY: It conditions my very long and wild wavy hair and smells like a hot cup of rooibos tea! What is Beauty? In the words of the wonderful Rumi, beauty is the love we find in what we do. For me beauty is loving my incredible husband, seeing the world upside down through my yoga practice, and working with my hands creating for TH Teepee.” Dali Soto-Peruzzi • Music Teacher, Artisan, Wife, Ashtangi


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick is currently my favorite beauty product because it keeps my lips smooth, and it smells delicious! I am very simple, to me beauty means being confident and true to yourself.”  Katelyn Daly • Packaging & Graphic Designer



“My favorite beauty product is my diffuser for my hair drier by T3 SoftTouch 2 Diffuser.  It’s fast, simple, and accentuates the curly/wavy texture of my hair.  Beauty to me is like comfortable weightlessness. Some thing (a thought, another person, a sunset) that just stops you in your tracks and pulls in your full attention and presence.  That’s beautiful.”  Stacey Smiel • Health Coach & Happy Enthusiast


personal beauty arsenals


Any product that makes it into my personal beauty arsenal gets the job done!

(1) EO 3in1 eco-friendly tub of love for my love • (2) Burn Out Sun eco-sensitive sunscreen • (3) Beauty tea :: made by the tea shop ~ flavor: White Christmas • (4) EM Signature Face Towel • (5) Love & Toast lip butter ~ flavor: green tea & mint • (6) EO organic spray deodorant for clients on set • (7) Nails: Essie in wicked ~ Sally Hansen in stocking nude ~ Marc Jacobs in enamored (8) Love & Toast perfume in Vanilla Orchid • (9) Marc Jacobs lip glaze in Moody Margot • (10) EO organic breathe spray