My skincare has always been simple with no routine but since graduating from aesthetics school in June, I threw out everything and started from scratch.  I had no choice.  I studied the largest organ of my body and got my skincare on point for the first time in my life.   Maintaining light + bright skin is easy when you understand the science behind it.   The products I snapped on my instagram are my everyday go-to skincare tools for healthy glowing skin.

My Routine + Acid Virgins

Everyone has different skin and everyone reacts completely independently to ingredients; it’s all about finding what truly works, finding the right ingredients for YOU, and being consistent! :)

Babor Bi-Phase Cleanse •• Everyday, morning+night

Circadia Alpha Beta Peel (Professional Use ONLY) •• Once a week on my forehead & chin line.  Stupid hormones.

Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Enzyme •• Once every two weeks in the shower.

Circadia Vitamin C Serum •• Once a day, everyday before I put on my makeup.  Every women should be using this Vitamin C.  Life changing ;)  for real though!

Circadia Moisturizer (Day/Night) •• Everyday, morning+night

Circadia Sunscreen •• Everyday, ALL DAY.  I admit it, I sleep with SPF on.

There you have it!  My skincare routine. Never take your skin for granted!  Stay out of the sun & out of tanning booths.  90% of aging comes from the sun + 10% from natural aging.  Ya dig?

If you or someone you know may be interested in mini lesson on ‘how to properly cleanse your face’. I would love to help!  To set up an appointment, email me at

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IMG_0326It is my belief that Glycolic Acid is one of the best chemical exfoliation for fixing dry skin, brown spots, acne scares, blemishes, clogged pores, chicken pox scares, fine lines and wrinkles.  Out of all the acids, I choose Glycolic for clients because it great for everyone, especially new clients who are acid virgins because it’s gentle and has anti-aging properties.  It has the smallest molecules therefore it penetrates deeper into the skin, creating fast & real results.  Glycolic Acid help’s skin’s appearance through exfoliation forcing new collagen growth and improved elasticity. Everyone should be exfoliating because your skin can’t effectively be moisturized until the dry skin buildup is removed, allowing you to get the best penetration out of your product.   Glycolic Acid is a cure all in my book!

How should I use Glycolic Acid?

For a chemical exfoliation:  I suggest that you use a Glycolic Serum at night only, for seven nights on, seven night off alternating with a hydrating cream or serum.  I recommend hydrating with Circadia AquaPorin Hydrating Cream to boost moisture, protecting from water loss while using a glycolic acid.

Recommended Product:  Glycolic Lotion Face Peel 10%


For manual exfoliation: I suggest using a scrub like Babor Mild Peeling 2-3 times a week on your off days in conjunction with the Glycolic Lotion for improved product penetration.

Recommended Product: Babor Mild Peeling


Do you exfoliate? 

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THE NO-MAKEUP LOOK is my everyday look when I am with clients.   Most professional makeup artists hate wearing makeup all the time and rather focus on having healthy skin.  I love doing makeup on other people, but I am more focused on having healthy radiant skin for myself. These are all great products for a radiant look, even if you didn’t get much sleep the night before.  These products are truly staples in my beauty bag.

You will also notice that I have added ESTHETICIAN TIP‘s with some of my product recommendations for all my professional cyber-friends.


unnamedBabor HY-OL & Phytoactive Sensitive Set – A oil cleanser is one of my BEST kept beauty secret when taking off my makeup without any tightness while giving my skin a fresh and rosy appearance. You’ll thank me.

ESTHETICIAN TIP:  Perfect Bi-Phase cleanser used in combination with a Phytoactive for your clients specific skin type to deep clean and remove both oil and water soluble impurities, without leaving any feeling of tightness.

unnamed-1Babor Mild Peeling – Please throw out your St. Ives Scub Now! (yes, there are little shards of glass in St. Ives peach scrub!).  Mild peeling is suitable for all skin types.  The peach kernels are finely ground gently removing rough or flaky patches on the surface of the skin.  Your makeup will go on like BUTTER.  Trust me ladies, this product is amazing and leaves your skin looking fresh and even with a rosy glow.
ESTHETICIAN TIP:  Babor Mild Peeling can be used as a gommage exfoliator with a facial massage.

unnamed-5CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA – Oh so fancy, Chanel. Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Sunscreen Makeup is classic and worth every penny.  You only need the tiniest drop of this hybrid fluid that creates a fresh, natural complexion.  Your skin looks refined and refreshed like you just got a facial, creating an exquisite makeup experience.
ESTHETICIAN TIP: Perfect foundation for any Esthetician to add on to the end of a facial as a ‘Face Finishing Moisterizer Tint”

unnamed-2Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain – Glossy Weight Perfection with a Lightweight texture, which immediately melts onto lips. Glossy Stain delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine.
unnamed-4SmashBox Full Exposure Mascara – 104% increase in lash volume for scene-stealing lashes at every angle without smudging, clumping, or flaking.  I have tried a lot of mascaras and this is my favorite for my personal use.  Amazzzing!

0729238500969Sheido Eye Lash Curler – The best eye lash curler, hands down.

unnamedAnastasia Pro Brow Pallete – A brow-defining palette with 11 long-wear shades and a brow primer!  You are totally ready to fill in anyone eyebrows at anytime.  It’s everythingggg ;)
ESTHETICIAN TIP:  Pair this with the Anastasia Beverly Hills classic stencils to maintain the general upkeep of your clients eyebrows at the end of the facial. Easy add-on for the client that needs to run errands after a treatment.

3_nars-highlighting-bronzing-blush-duo-orgasm-lagunaNARS Blush/Bronzer – A duo of signature cheek shades for sunkissed radiance.  The perfect summer’s sultry glow.

What are your favorite summer beauty must haves? Have you tried any of these?