Secret to completely NATURAL looking lashes!

I feel like for the last 3 weeks all I have been saying to my friends is “wow, your eyelashes are so pretty!”.   The next words out of there mouths have been the same thing, “I got them done at Ginger Lash in Latham”.  The name is so cute right? Although, I have yet to get mine done. I did buy my mom a gift certificate for Mothers Day!  She has noooo lashes and is always asking me “can you just pop some lashes on me”?  They always look so pretty but she wishes they would last longer so I would not have to do them everyday. So when I heard about Ginger Lash and then saw her fabulous work on my friends I was like “Yup, Mothers Day Gift!”.

Ginger Lash is offering a Mother’s Day Full for only $60.  It is also something I recommend for special occasions, especially for brides or if you have a photo session coming up (engagement sessions or budoir session, is a great excuse to get them!).  I can’t wait to get mine done when I go away on vacation in July!  I will let you know how my mom likes them and my experience before I go away in a couple of months.  I have heard and saw nothing but great reviews and I wanted to tell you guys about this awesome special because maybe you are just like me.  But, it is hard buying for the women who has everything! ha ha ha!

To get your mothers day gift before Sunday contact Faith Maus the fabulous eye candy eyelash artist (yes that is what she calls herself, I LOVE IT) at or message her on facebook.

I’ll fill you guys in later blog’s to see how my mom and I made out!

To making moms feel pretty!