I really need to upgrade my photography skills, so I apologize in advance for taking these before & afters with my iPhone.  The goal of this post is to show you the power of makeup, and how much fun it is!
Makeup is a fantastic way to be creative, have fun, and become more comfortable with one’s natural features. This morning? Wasn’t feeling very creative.  Actually didn’t really feel like getting out of bed! ha ha ha! So comfy!
Solution?  My favorite tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier, Eyeshadow in Tease by Urban Decay — with emphasis on the new waterproof black gel liner by Cailyn.  I picked up this amazing gel eyeliner at the International Makeup Tradeshow, and was drawn to its packaging.   The packaging is super convenient with a built in makeup brush.  The point on the brush is flexible, so you can shape the brush to do a dramatic line or a thin liner.  This liner has a 24 hour staying power, super, super easy to apply!
For the lips, I lined my entire lips with an NYX lip liner in pink.  For the middle of my lips, I took a very very small amount of a mid-tone pink by Obsessive Compulsive in the color Memento — just to smooth out the lip liner.
You can bronze yourself up if you want or keep it super simple, and skip the contouring. Whatever route you may choose, you can achieve this simple makeup look in 10 min. Plus all the products fit in your back pocket.  Have fun!


Hello!  I am so so excited because my best friend and current makeup assistant Veronica Nunes from Makeup by V is guest blogging on how to cover dark circles for your wedding, party or any special event!  If you are a professional makeup artist, this solution can work for your male clientele as well as your ladies.  Okay lets get started!
albany makeup artist
It’s hard to believe that, by looking at this photo, I have VERY dark circles under my eyes. While some dark circles are caused by allergies, sleep deprivation or skin pigmentation, mine are caused by genetics (thanks Mom!). There’s no magical cream or magic eraser in existence to banish them quite yet (trust me, I’ve tried them all) but with a little bit of concealer and mastering the application, you can fool anyone into thinking you are circle-free!
albany makeup artist
The Tool Kit:
1. Flat Concealer Brush: I love Clinique’s concealer brush because it’s tapered design allows me to spot conceal blemishes. I mainly use it for my under eye area.
2. Erase Paste Concealer by Benefit Cosmetics (Medium): Benefit’s Erase Paste is a miracle in a jar. I use this for my under-eye area only. It is very pigmented and has a creamy consistency that won’t settle into fine lines. It also brightens the eye area. It is VERY pink, so use this on the under eye area only.
TIP: If your circles are blue-tinged, choose a yellow-based concealer. If they’re more brown or yellow like mine, use a peachy color. These colors will cancel out the dark and lighten the area around your eye.
3. Perfecting Concealer by Stila (shade C): I use Stila’s award winning concealer to even out my skin tone and blend in the Erase Paste. I also use this on my eyelid to get rid of the dark pigments. It may look small but a little bit goes a long way with this stuff! One tube lasts me 6 months.
4. Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder by Clinique (Stay Golden)- The formula in Clinique’s Stay-Matte Pressed Powder absorbs shine and gives a matte appearance. Its oil- free formula also keeps the concealer in place all day.
albany makeup artist
The Application:
First, moisturize the face and eyes. This is a crucial step that, if missed, will make the area look very dry and the product will not apply as well. I like Clinique’s All About Eyes because it’s creamy formula also helps hold eye makeup in place.
Prime and apply foundation. Don’t apply the foundation on the eye area- too much product will look cause the area to appear cakey.
1 & 2) With a flat concealer brush, apply the Erase Paste Concealer on the under eye area. Place three dots with the brush and blend with your ring finger. Apply a little more product in the inner corner of the eye, where the shadows are the deepest.
3) Place a LITTLE bit of Stila’s Perfecting Concealer on the back of your hand and apply some to the eyelid. This works well as a primer. Blend the color with your ring finger.
 4) Next, with the flat concealer brush, apply the Perfecting Concealer to the under eye area and blend with your ring finger. Using your ring finger not only applies to right amount of pressure, but also allows the product to “melt” and blend because of your natural body heat.  Feel free to repeat this step and add another layer of the Perfecting Concealer. This product also works well to cover up blemishes and cancels out any redness around the nose.
5 & 6) The last step is to add powder to mattify the products and keep them in place. Grab a fluffy brush, one that you’d use for applying shadow to the crease of the eye, and dab it into your powder. The crease brush is the perfect size for applying powder to the inner most corner of the eye. Don’t put too much powder under the eye- it’ll cake up and dry out the area.
Final Look – I did one eye to show the difference- and what a difference it is! Finish with the rest of your make up routine and go take on the world!
How cute is Veronica?  Thanks so much V!If you are looking for a Albany Makeup Artist or Saratoga Makeup Artist. feel free to contact Veronica or I :)


albany makeup artist
Matte red lips is a very classic retro way to change up your look and If you are a makeup artist you will LOVE this technique tip!  All you need is a tissue, a medium sized blush brush and matte loose powder.

If you really want to get your lips perfectly matte, spread this tissue over the lips then powder it down very lightly!
albany makeup artist
Now that’s staying power!