IN THE BAG: Swap This for that!

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family & friends! It’s now officially that time of year to give to the ones we love and those have helped us throughout the year. Spending less = giving more and I LOVE giving affordable and multi-use beauty products away to friends and family. A favorite moisturizer in my night time kit is this Alba Non-Petrolum Jelly. This skin moisturizer/sealer runs anywhere from $4-6 dollars and lasts. I prefer a Non-Petrolum Jelly over Vasaline because applying petroleum and mineral oils to your skin is just like applying the same origins found in fossil fuels. Petroleums and mineral oils found in Vasaline just sit on the skin surface blocking pores. These so called ‘amazing moisturizers’ could be the cause of your latest breakout because your skin cannot properly ‘breathe’.

HOW TO USE: Apply your favorite paraben free moisturizer to your face, eyes or body and finish with a thin layer of the Alba Non-Petroleum Jelly to seal everything in. You can do this every night or just when needed for any dry skin on your body or face. I typically just use it just under my eyes and on my lips — but you can use is anywhere on your body!

NIGHT TIME CAUTION: Use only at night because if you wear it under your makeup, your makeup will run right off your face. I only use it in my night time kit for extra silky smooth skin in the morning. The more moisterized my skin is, the better my morning makeup application is going to look. Lastly, try and use an old pillowcase or a towel when you sleep so no residue gets on your sheets.

What are your favorite night time moisturizers?

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